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Dance school in Reading, Berkshire

Celebrating 10 Years, our dance school was established in 2002 to act as an example of how great a school can be when it places the emphasis on fun and pupils input.


At Starlet Dance School the children enjoy a friendly and secure environment at our very own dance studios with a reception area and a kitchen with tea and coffee for parents.


Get dancing with Starlet!

Have fun, be healthy or get started in your dance career with Starlet Dance

The result is a school that has gone from strength to strength, growing considerably over the last few years.


Starlet has contacts with local theatre companies and is often approached for auditions. Many of the children have performed in a variety of events from local productions to fashion shows to Reading Football Club and more recently the 'Annie' UK tour and dancing for the renowned Arlene Phillips.

Our main aims at Starlet are to build confidence and to encourage the children.

We take great pride in our teaching.

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